So long since I wrote…

Yup – Not good at keeping this blog updated. I figured that may happen. But I am trying to really let myself be content with whatever I get done with stuff like this. There is so much “should do” and “didn’t get done” guilt in life and I am trying really hard to manage that. It is a tough process and change so we’ll consider it a work in progress.

Anywhoooo….. The gardens! Things are growing so much. I have added more photos to the gallery. I am learning lots and making notes for future years. Red Reif tomatoes divide into two stems so that has meant changes in trellis ideas, sone cherry tomatoes are monster plants, beans seem to be my struggle this year, I have one cucumber started and it looks straight so far, and oh my the bugs this year! Yellow striped cucumber beetles, slugs, etc have been causing lots of problems.

I will try to do some little updates more regularly, but… no promises.

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