Starting to get a bit crowded

The sunroom is starting to get a bit crowded as the seeds I started are becoming plants.

There certainly have been lessons learned this year as I suspect will happen each year. Be picky about what soil you use for seedlings. I had bought some soil this year and it has way too much peat moss. There is certainly not enough drainage. I have noticed it really impacting my peppers and tomatoes that seem to have gotten waterlogged the last time I watered. Ughhh… I think I can rescue most of them.

They are also getting really tall this year. That is ok in some ways for tomatoes since I can plant them deeply but the peppers are a different story. We’ll see how it goes. It makes it hard to move them around though. I have lost a few to breakage when trying to move them. I am going to be hardening off the tomatoes this week/weekend as the forecast looks good and I don’t want to risk them getting even taller.

I have planted lots of plants (too many for my garden) so I will be sure to have enough. I guess that is why seed starting extras is so important. It is sad when you lose a plant that you have worked so hard on. That is a lesson I am learning as well. It is ok to plant more, thin, and throw away some seedlings. It is better for the plants you end up with. Still hard though…

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