Time for some flowers (and some pepper tending)

This ‘wintery’ weather morning is not going to keep me from thinking about spring and flowers.

After soaking the seeds overnight I planted sweet peas. Hopefully, it will give them a head start. I planted them in coconut coir pots so they can be directly planted in the garden. They don’t like their roots disturbed. I can also plant seeds directly in the garden which I may do as well.

Other flowers are started too! I planted Gazania seeds that I collected last year (pink, red, and a bunch that I lost the label on so the colour will be a surprise. I planted calendula (hoping for earlier blooms by starting them inside). I planted some seeds I collected last year and some from the package of seeds I had leftover from last year. And last but not least for the flowers, I planted some Black-Eyed Susan Vine. I often buy this for use in planters so I thought I would try to start it from seed this year.

In other news… the pepper seedlings needed some water and I planted some mesclun mix lettuce seeds. I didn’t have much luck starting lettuce seeds indoors last year, but I’ll give it another go and see how it works.

The idea of collecting seeds is interesting to me. We’ll see if I get motivated and I might try to save some tomato seeds this year too. That sounds like a bit of a process, but something new to learn.

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