Welcome to my gardens

Gardening… pottery… so many things that are parts of my life that keep me centered.

A friend recommended that I start a blog to share my gardening adventures. I have a site for my pottery as well that is under development. You can visit that at Simple Treasures Pottery.

I don’t know for sure how much time I will have for such things, but here we go!

If you are here because you were looking for my psychological private practice (Riverdale Centre Psychological Services) you can find that website here.

Thoughts and Musings


I have been growing flower gardens for decades and establishing flower beds at each house we have lived in. Over more than 10 years we have lived in the same house long enough to see flower gardens develop and mature. It has been wonderful as before that I would just get a bed established and it was time to move again.

The colours, variety, textures and details in flowers have always intrigued me. It amazes me that there are so many amazing creations. They are a sign of hope and beauty to me.

I have always wanted to grow a vegetable garden, but like many, I wasn’t sure I had the time over the summer. My grandparents always had a huge garden and I have fond memories of picking peas, beans, digging potatoes and enjoying the wonderful bounty. Of course, as a child, I didn’t realize all that goes into reaping a harvest.

Last year with the world in chaos I, like many others, figured it was time to give it a try as there would certainly be time to be home last summer. My goal for my garden last year was to grow vegetables so that I could make hodgepodge from my own garden. That means new potatoes, yellow and green beans, carrots and peas for those who may not know about hodgepodge. I read, watched and learned about options for gardening. It was a wonderful adventure and one that I am excited to continue with this year. There were things that didn’t go well, but overall there were so many successes that I am hooked!

Gardening Links

As I moved further along in my gardening journey I found so many wonderful resources, websites and especially YouTubers passionate about gardening. I will add more links soon.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac – great info and I use the Garden Planner and Journal.

Roots and Refuge Farm – I can’t say enough good about this family and all that I have learned from her (Jess). I appreciate her outlook, her methods, and her desire to share with others.

Next Level Gardening – I use his method for growing indeterminate tomatoes.

Seeds and Supplies:

Incredible Seeds

Halifax Seed


Atlantic Pepper Seeds

Local Garden Centres

Brooklyn Farms

Glad Gardens

The Briar Patch